Our Mission

Boitsov Classical Ballet School was founded by Mme. Elizabeth Boitsov on February 11, 1980. The aim of the school is to prepare our students for professional careers in American and international ballet companies.

Boitsov Classical Ballet School Program Description

The Boitsov Classical Ballet School is a professional school of classical ballet based strictly on The Moscow Bolshoi Theatre System of training that uses the Vaganova Technique. The Boitsov Classical Ballet School offers classes for boys and girls starting from age 3 1/2. We have a separate level for each year of study.

The classes are divided into the following divisions:

Pre-Ballet: from age 3 1/2 to 6
Children: from age 7 to 12
Pre-Professional: from age 13

To become a professional ballet dancer requires very strong physical and mental preparation. Boitsov Classical Ballet's program is clearly designed to give every child an equal chance to study step-by-step Russian Classical ballet in Vaganova Technique. Vaganova Technique is the unique style of Russian ballet. This technique is practiced around the world. It is the highest standard by which a professional ballet dancer is trained.

A unique and distinctive feature of Boitsov Classical Ballet School is that the program is long-range. Students start at age 3 1/2 and finish college age as a professional ballet dancer! (See Graduations at Boitsov Classical Ballet School)

Strengths of Boitsov Classical Ballet:

•Unique Long-range Program
•Instructional Expertise
•Professional Experience

A special aspect about Boitsov Classical Ballet School is the individual monitoring of every student's progress from age 3 1/2 and up. This special attention will help the student to make the future decision whether or not she or he would like to become a professional ballet dancer.

Our program is based on one calendar year. The school year begins in January and ends in December. Each school year is divided into two semesters, January to June and July to December. At the end of each semester, the students are tested on subjects taught during each semester. After fulfilling the 2nd semester test in December, the student will have completed one level of Russian Vaganova Technique. Testing follows with the evaluation of each student to find the next step.

Boitsov Classical Ballet School's program prepares the student physically and mentally, every step of the way to become a professional ballet dancer. Students follow the planned curriculum, get tested and progress to the next level.

Of course, not every student will graduate and become a professional ballet dancer, but the benefits acquired from the program are not only important in ballet, but are very beneficial for students to apply to life in general. All the health benefits from ballet classes can help the student to be physically fit and develop a healthy lifestyle. A progressive, structured program allows each student to learn to strive for improvement, develop a strong work ethic, improve decision-making skills and nurture their artisic nature. Boitsov Classical Ballet School's program helps students to develop discipline, personal power, self-awareness, body awareness, self-confidence, and to develop the love and passion to achieve whatever endeavors and dreams their heart desires.

For more information about the subjects of study, please refer to our Curriculum

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"Mme. Boitsov has taught me that dancing is about self-expression." Audrey Olsen, Alumnus

"A unique place for artists." David Scamardo, Alumnus