Boitsov Classical Ballet School was founded on February 11th, 1980 in Chicago's historic Fine Arts Building. It was formed to establish a professional classical ballet school in America with a training system based strictly on the same Vaganova-Tarasov technique used in the great Russian ballet companies: the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow and the Kirov Ballet of St. Petersburg. Madame Boitsov herself studied and danced as a Professional Ballerina with the Bolshoi Theatre and our school reflects the Bolshoi's expressiveness and bravura style. Our students receive a comprehensive and intensive dance education that prepares them for the ballet profession while instilling them with artistic intelligence and a sense of beauty.

February 11, 1980

Mme. Elizabeth Boitsov opens Boitsov Classical Ballet School with 5 students


The school gives 6 performances at Whitney Young Magnet School in Chicago of a full-length ballet choreographed by Mme. Boitsov, "Pinocchio". All of the sets for the performances were created by the students and faculty of the visual arts program at Whitney Young.


Benefit performance, "From Classical to Jazz", in Ontario, Canada

The first student graduates: Renee Schiffels. Her diploma is presented at a graduation ceremony in the presence of her family and the faculty and students of the school.


Benefit performance for the 3rd Annual Festival of Music at the Auditorium of Chicago's Mather Tower.

30 performances of an original, 2 Act ballet, choreographed by Mme. Boitsov, "Hansel and Gretel", given at Francis Parker School and the National College of Education.


5th Anniversary Performance, "ABC's of Ballet", given at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago.

Channel 26 airs "Young Spanish Talents", a special program about Boitsov Classical Ballet School students with Spanish heritage.


Performance at Daley College in Chicago, "History of Ballet".


First graduation performance, "When Dreams Come True" (visit gallery), at National College of Education, Evanston, Illinois.

Mme. Boitsov finally attained her dream: she opened the Boitsov Classical Ballet Company, an independent organization which existed separately from the school


Second graduation performance, "Pinocchio" (visit gallery), at Centre East Performing Arts Center, Skokie, Illinois


Third graduation performance, "Les Sylphides" (visit gallery), at Harold D. Washington Library Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois


Fourth graduation performance, "Invitation to the Dream" (visit gallery), at Athenaeum Theatre, Chicago, Illinois


25th Anniversary Performance, "Hansel and Gretel" (visit gallery), at Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago.


Fifth graduation performance, "Soiree de Gala" (visit gallery), at North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Skokie, Illinois