Costume Designer

Ms. Alexandra Danilishen was invited by Mme. Boitsov to design selected costumes for the "Invitation to the Dream" 2002 Graduation Performance in December 2002. In 1995, she earned her degree from the Moscow Textile Academy, Department of Applied Arts. Ms. Danilishen worked as a Textile Designerís Assistant at numerous design studios in Moscow, Russia and as a textile Designer at Kiev Textile Factory, Ukraine. In 1997, she opened her own textile design studio. While living in the Ukraine, she participated in exciting exhibitions and textile shows held in Eastern Europe. Ms. Danilishen started with wall pieces, performed in the batik technique; at the same time she began creating unique and exclusive hand-painted silk fabrics (wearables), each of the garmets possessing its own character. The emphasis is on hand-painted fabrics and hand-done finishing. Each collection of garments is based on a well-researched theme. The latest one is entitled, "Water Nymph" inspired by Claude Monetís works of the early 20th Century, sensuous and free paintings of water lilies. The theme is also reflected in the form of garments with layers of semi-transparent silk chiffon, streaming and flowing like water. Presently, Ms. Alexandra Danilishen resides in Chicago, Illinois where she opened a textile and fashion design studio in 2001.

Filmmaker, Sculptor

Mr. Greg Gantner has worked with Mme. Boitsov since 1981. He began his career in Chicago working in feature films and television for MGM, NBC, CBS and Universal. He has produced and directed cultural, educational, corporate and industrial productions and documentaries for such organizations and clients as Saatchi & Saatchi, DuPont, Ingersoli-Rand, The Tibetan Alliance, The Michigan Millennium Project and the Boitsov Classical Ballet. Mr. Gantner is a multi-time recipient of the Cine, Telly, U.S. International Film & Video Festival, Aurora, Worldfest and the National Educational Film Festival. He has been a past juror of the Chicago International Film Festival and is a founding member of the Independent Feature Project/Midwest. Highlights of his artistic relationship with Boitsov Classical Ballet include producing ballet sets for Hansel & Gretel, Pinocchio and Carnival. In 1991, he designed light for the ballet scene "Masquerade", choreographed by Mme. Boitsov and performed by The Boitsov Classical Ballet Company for the 10th Century Fox movie, "Only the Lonely".

Artist, Graphic Design

Mr. Jerzy Haus graduated with his Bachelors Degree from the College of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland. His specializations were painting, graphics, and sculpting. For many years he was chosen as a representative for Poznan, Poland to design the interior of an international convention center with graphics and art work, where countries from around the world gathered to exchange industrialist ideas. He ran his own art studio in Wroclaw, where he worked on interior graphics, sculptures, and artistic ceramics. He was involved in big projects done on a national and international scale. He was invited to prepare and carry out annual projects multiple years in a row, for example sports events including marathons and track meets. He also designed catalogs for jewelry, amber and silver distributors, and cosmetics companies. He designed the advertisement for the entire train system in Poland. Additionally, he shared his love for art by teaching at several colleges in Gdansk, Poland. Mr. Jerzy Haus is a incredibly talented artist with a very rich imagination and extraordinary creativity. His sensitivity makes his art powerful and unique. In 2002, he opened his own business named "Golden Eagle". He started working with Boitsov Classical Ballet in 2001, by designing the fliers and posters for the school, and the fliers and programs for the companyís performances. It is important to note that the current unique design for this program, "Soiree de Gala", and for the "Soiree de Gala" flier are creations of Mr. Jerzy Haus.

Artist and Set Designer

Ivan Trava, a Ukrainian-born artist obtained his Bachelorís Degree in Painting and Art History.He had exhibitions of his works in Ukraine, Russia and Byelorussia, from 1980 through 1996. From 1987 through 1989, Mr. Trava made Stage and Costume Design for Simferopol Theatre of Drama and Comedy. Since 1996, Mr. Trava lives, creates and does his work in Chicago. From 2003 to 2007 he made design for "Elephant Foot Theatre". In 2007, Mr. Trava joined Boitsov Classical Ballet to design the set for the performance, "Soiree de Gala".


Mr. Zoltan Horvath has been a photographer with Boitsov Classical Ballet School and Company since 1989. He has his own studio in Chicago, "Zoltan Horvath Photography". Although he shoots a variety of subjects in and out of his studio, he has a special affection for the art of dance that started at the age of six when his mother sent him to learn the folk dances of his native Hungary. He finds combining his love of photography with the subject of dance to be a fascinating endeavor.

Video Camera Operators

Mr. Greg Gantner (see bio above)
Mr. Mieczyslaw Morawski